Dresden House   

A Home with care

Supporting safe visits to Dresden House


Visitors are welcomed at Dresden House at any time. For the security and dignity of the residents who may have retired into night wear, visitors who need to visit after 9.00pm are requested to inform the home beforehand.


All visitors are encouraged to either wash their hands or use an alcohol hand rub at the start and the end of each visit. A hand wash sink with liquid soap and hand rub is available at the entrance. 


All visitors will be asked/supported to follow any current national testing advised by the Government. If Personal Protective Equipment is required, visitors will be supported by the staff on the correct procedure for wearing /removing/disposal - notices are also available throughout Dresden House.


All visitors are advised against visiting Dresden House if they have been identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19, even when not legally required to self-isolate. Visitors are requested to refrain from visiting for 10 days, even if fully vaccinated. Further visits may be subject to a negative lateral flow test result on the day of the visit.


All visitors with a cough, high temperature, diarrhoea, or vomiting or who feel unwell or who are suffering from eye/skin infections, are advised to avoid visiting for at least 5 days after they feel better and to call prior to visiting, if they are unsure


Should two or more residents/staff contract the same infection, this is classed as an ‘outbreak’. To control and minimise the outbreak of infection, the manager may close the home to all visitors. In this situation, all next of kin will be contacted to confirm the infection and the duration of the closure as advised by the health professionals. All external appointments will be rearranged. Visits via the visitors pod or at the courtyard gate may be facilitated. Dresden House also has the ability of offering ‘face timing’ or phone calls from family to the residents. 


Please note, if your loved one has been diagnosed as ‘end of life’ the manager will discuss visits with you on an individual basis.


Fire Safety for all visitors

If you would like to use our car park, please reserve park to ensure a quick removal of your car if space is required for fire engines or ambulances.

Please note the fire exits on the plan next to this notice and where your nearest exit would be.

Dresden House is a non-smoking building. Should you wish to smoke, please make use of our smoking shelter in the courtyard.

Please do not charge your mobile phone, vape or any other device, using your own charger within Dresden House.

Please do not prop open any doors or block any fire routes. If you require a door to stay open, please speak with the staff, who will be able to do this for you.

The fire alarm system is tested every Friday morning. Should the alarms be activated at any other time, please assume that there is a fire within the building. Should you witness smoke or fire, please sound alarms immediately using your nearest Fire Break Glass Point.

In the event of a fire, please do not wander around the building. A staff member will come to you and give you instructions on how to exit the building. If it is safe to do so and there are no signs of a fire, you can leave the building by the nearest available exit. 

Do not use the lift in the event of a fire.

Upon exiting the building please do not re-enter and go straight to the assembly point to enable the fire warden to account for you. The assembly place for Dresden House is the entrance to Probyn Count, next to our carpark.

To ensure that we are aware of who is in the building, please sign in and state your likely location within the building i.e lounge or your relatives/friend’s room number. 

Please ensure that you sign out, so that in the event of a fire, we are not trying to locate you.

Should you notice anything within the building or surroundings that is causing you concern, please inform a staff member immediately.


Please inform a member of the management team, should you need to complete hot work, i.e. welding. This is to enable us to ensure that no ignition has taken place or no smoulding materials remain.

Please do not leave charging power tools unsupervised. 

All visitors - Security for the residents

Upon leaving Dresden House, via the courtyard, please ensure that none of the residents have followed you out and that the gate is firmly closed behind you. This is to ensure the safety of the residents.

All visitors - Allergens

Should you wish to have a meal with your relative/friend at Dresden House, please inform a staff member of any food allergies.

All visitors - Hand Hygiene 

For the safety of yourself and others, please wash your hands when entering/exiting Dresden House.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in keeping Dresden House safe.