The aim of Dresden House is to provide a care service in a secure and comfortable environment, which maximises independence and meets individually assessed needs.
We are committed to the provision of individually tailored packages of care, 

which are agreed in full consultation with the resident, family members and the care manager. 

  • 24 Hour care
  • Promoting dignity
  • High standard of accommodation
  • Comprehensive assessments and records
  • Restoring confidence
  • Coordination of Medical and Homeopathic services
  • Pre-admission assessment
  • Trial periods promoted
  • Company vehicle to meet the resident’s needs

Dresden House Welcome Information

This has been designed to answer some of the questions that you may have 

about becoming a resident at Dresden House.

Linda Podmore 

Linda has a wealth of experience in working with the elderly and those living with dementia, both in the community and within residential settings. Having started her career in a care position and quickly gaining promotions to senior and management positions, Linda is able to draw on her own experience, when leading and managing a safe, friendly, and caring environment. Linda has gained and exercises her knowledge of the industry and experience when working with the Care Quality Commission and various other authority inspectorates and professionals. To complement Linda’s experience, she holds many care qualifications, is a qualified trainer for moving and handling and holds the level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care award.

Linda’s staff team is structured in the following way

Two Deputy Managers

Senior care staff 

Carer staff, cooks, and domestic staff 

Managing Director of Dresden House 

Angela Gordon-Foley Email

Previous registered Home Manager and the official ‘Registered Responsible Person’ for Dresden House with extensive management, care and training qualifications and experience.


Ian Wallace Email

Ian comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience from his past role as a qualified social worker. Ian also holds the assessors award for health and social care.


Our philosophy of care is to view each resident individually and holistically. We enable social, religious, emotional, and physical needs to be met, giving support when identified, with the resident and/or their chosen representative.

Our objective is to provide a safe, relaxed, and homely family-like environment that promotes independence, respect, and dignity for all residents. 

The following values underpin our commitment to achieving our philosophy of care:

  • Promoting respect and dignity

  • Listening, understanding and compassion

  • Commitment and loyalty 

  • Individuality, uniqueness, and independency 

  • Integrity and transparency

  • Learning and development

  • Accountability and consistency

  • Striving for continuous improvement by gaining feedback from various source


Dresden House is a 25 bedded facility registered with the Care Quality Commission as a Residential Care Home providing Personal Care for residents of both genders, from the age of 60 years and above.


Our registration categories include: -

  • Elderly

  • Dependent Elderly 

  • Dementia

Respite care is available, dependent on the levels of occupancy within Dresden House.

The management and the staff have a vast amount of care skills and knowledge, and Dresden House is well supported by the local GPs and District Nurses. However, Dresden House does not hold the category to provide nursing care, nor are the staff required to be medically trained. Should a resident’s needs change and command nursing care, the management will support both the resident and their representative in finding an alternative accommodation, where the resident’s nursing needs can be met.  

To support the registration category held by Dresden House, the building is designed with an easy visual structure with all the lounges leading from a central dining area. The bedrooms and bathroom facilities lead from this main point, whilst situated away from the social areas, providing privacy for the residents. Visitors are welcomed in the bedroom areas by invitation of their relative/friend to the privacy of the resident’s bedroom.

Dresden House has all single bedrooms, some of which have ensuite facilities. The bedrooms are tastefully decorated, with laminated floor covering and modern blinds, bed covers with cushions and pictures. Each bedroom is provided with a nurse call to call for assistance, a colour TV if requested and 2 chairs for the comfort of the resident and their visitors. The radiators in the bedrooms are fitted with temperature controls, so the temperature of the room can be individually controlled by the resident. For added privacy, each bedroom is provided with its own ‘front door key’ and a lockable cupboard for personal belongings or for anyone wishing to self-medicate (please refer to the resident contract for self-medicating). Residents are free to stay or return to their room at any time; meals can also be served in the bedrooms if requested by the resident. 

Residents admitted to Dresden House are encouraged and supported to personalise their bedroom with photos, pictures, bedding etc. Residents can bring their own furniture and electrical equipment inline with the terms and conditions of the resident contract. Pets may also be accommodated, inline with the terms and conditions of the resident contract.

The building is a one-storey building, with a 5-man passenger lift leading from the ground floor to the first floor.

All the corridors are of a generous width to allow easy access for wheelchair users. Strategically placed handrails also allow easy access around the building for any resident requiring a steady hand.

For easy recognition, the WC’s and bathroom doors are painted a different colour than the bedroom rooms.

Our bathing facilities include walk-in showers and a domestic bath to meet the needs and preferences of the residents, all of which can be used either assisted or unassisted.

Specialised equipment and adaptations needed to meet the resident’s needs may be made available through assessment via the residents own GP for items such as hoists, wheelchairs and air flow mattresses. Dresden House will provide items that may include sensory mats, adapted cutlery and crockery. 

We have 3 comfortable lounges, a separate dining room and an entrance area. Each of the lounges offer different events depending on the resident group. The entrance is a hive of activity as this is the main entrance for visitors, giving the resident the opportunity to meet and socialise. 

We have an enclosed courtyard that allows residents to sit outside in the knowledge that they are safe and secure.

In the courtyard you will find our heated smoking shelter for those who wish to smoke.

Dresden House owns a car to be used for the residents and is frequently seen locally on one of our many trips out.

Visiting Time

Visitors are welcomed at Dresden House at any time. For the security and dignity of the residents who may have retired into night wear, visitors who need to visit after 9.00pm are requested to inform the home beforehand.

Car Parking

Car parking for Dresden House is situated to the rear of the building. Security lighting around the building supports your safety to your car during the darker winter months. 


The fees at Dresden House are inline with the guidelines set by Stoke on Trent City Council for the agreed assessment of care needs and input from the staff.

All fees are paid fortnightly in arrears by standing order or by direct payment into Dresden House bank account by the representative. Individual statements of accounts will be posted out annually or in the event of death. Additional statements can be requested at any time, via the Home Manager or Deputy Manager. For the security of the residents and staff, neither cash nor cheque can be accepted as a method of payment at the home.

All fees are subject to be adjusted to reflect the changing needs of the resident and the input from the staff team 

Telephones Calls

Making and receiving a telephone call is made easy by using the home's mobile telephone, which can be taken to the resident’s bedroom to allow private conversations to take place. Local brief calls can be made free of charge and long distant or lengthy calls will be charged at a minimal rate. Itemised billing easily allows identification of the correct charging rates. We would request that you be mindful of Dresden House having one dedicated land line for all to use. You may wish to consider providing your relative with their own mobile telephone. 

Clothing and Laundry

A full laundry service is operated at no additional cost to the residents. We will launder all clothing items that can be washed in a standard and commercial washing machine and tumbled-dried. Items that need special care, such as requiring dry cleaning and hand washing, will need to be attended to by the resident’s representative / family. 

All clothing must be clearly and discreetly labelled with the resident’s name.

Please check clothing items regularly as responsibility cannot be accepted for the loss of clothing, which is not labelled correctly, or the labelling has become faded. The upkeep of residents' clothing remains the responsibility of the resident/ representative. 


A hairdresser visits bi-weekly, offering both female and male service. Appointments and costs can be obtained via the care staff. Payment for the hairdresser is the responsibility of the residents/ representative. During COVID hairdressing services have been suspended for the safety of the residents and staff.

Care Planning 

Dresden House operates to ensure that the residents are central to all processes and are fully informed and involved in the decisions and choices made about the care and support they receive.  During the admission process, we will work along the resident and/or the chosen representative, to enable an individual person-centred care plan to be devised, capturing the resident’s unique needs and preferences. The aim of these plans is to ensure that the resident remains as involved, engaged and as independent as possible, whilst maintaining their dignity and privacy.

At least every 4 weeks, the person-centred plans are evaluated to confirm that the current level of support is enabling the resident to maintain a fulfilled healthy life. Amendments may be made to meet any changing needs of the resident. 


Dresden House has a designated outdoor heated smoking shelter for those who wish to smoke. 


Residents may consume moderate amounts of alcohol unless consumption results in behaviour that may infringe on the rights of the other residents and staff or when alcohol is not permitted by the resident’s GP, for medical reasons.

Visitors are permitted to consume small amounts of alcohol as part of a celebration or activity, in which the residents are participating in. Please notify a staff member when bringing alcohol into the home so that it can be labelled and monitored if required.

Leisure and Interests

A diverse range of individual, group and community focussed activities are provided, taking account of individual interests and preferences. These are listed in our monthly newsletter and displayed in the home to ensure that friends and family are aware of the monthly events and can choose to participate. If in your resident’s best interest, you would prefer them not to participate in a certain activity, please inform the management or a member of the senior care team.

Residents contract with Dresden House

During the admission process, the resident/representative will be requested to sign a resident contract. A sample of the contract is shown below.

Religious Beliefs

Residents are encouraged to maintain their religious beliefs and are supported by attending services within Dresden House and within the local area.


Residents are actively encouraged to continue to vote, and we provide transport to the local voting station, or postal votes are accessed for the individual, if they prefer.

Medical Care

For continuity of care, where possible all residents are encouraged to remain with their own registered GP. If moving outside of their GP area, the resident will be registered with Mayfield Surgery in Dresden 

Telephone 01782 315654 email address

Any ongoing treatments or appointments required by the resident may be supported by Dresden House, where families are unable to attend, at an additional cost (please see copy of the resident contract below). 

Further specialist needs identified, will also be assessed, and supported, including regular eye tests, chiropodist, and dental health checks.

Sharing information

Personal information will be shared with the local council for those residents financially supported by the council, authorised inspectorates such as Care Quality Commission and with any health professional to support the residents’ health and well-being. Please see 'Data Protection' for full details

Please note to safeguard residents, staff and Dresden House, no photographs are to be taken of the residents, staff (including volunteers), visitors or any area/s of Dresden House without the consent of the resident/s, staff members, visitor/s and management.

Meal and Mealtimes

Providing good nutrition is of high importance to Dresden House to maintain and improve the wellbeing of all residents. Dresden House has fresh food delivered throughout the week, supplying family size quantities as opposed to catering sizes. This enables the home to cater for the residents’ individual needs, including religious, cultural, dietary and ‘I just fancy’ needs. 

We serve a hot breakfast and lunch every day, with a mixture of hot and cold food in the evening and at supper time. Every meal served has an alternative to meet residents’ needs and preferences. Tea, coffee, milk shakes and juice with biscuits, cake and fruit is offered mid-morning and afternoon.  Hot chocolate and Horlicks are served in the evenings with supper. This can vary to meet the residents’ choice and preferences. 

The kitchen at Dresden House is never closed and drinks and light snacks are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Should a resident’s visitor wish to have a meal with their relative/friend, this is available by arrangement.

Mealtimes - These times are only a guide and may vary to meet the residents’ needs and preferences

Breakfast From awaking until around 10.00am  

Morning Coffee11.15am

Lunch 01.00pm

Afternoon 03.15pm

Dinner 05.00pm

Supper 08.00pm

Milky Drink 10.00pm

Opportunities to Improve

Dresden House operates an ‘open door’ policy, which encourages residents, representatives, friends, families, professionals, and staff to approach the management informally or formally. The management’s office is positioned at the entrance of the home to support this policy, plus contact details are documented in this booklet for your ease of reference.

Annually, and more frequently if required, residents and their next of kin/representative are invited to attend a review meeting. At this time, the current person-centred care plans are viewed, and any changes are updated, and a new plan agreed and signed by all. The management will also seek to gain feedback on an overview of the Home; these include accommodation, food, services, and any other feedback


Annually Dresden House will issue surveys to the residents, next of kin/representative, staff, visiting professionals and visitors. The aim of these surveys is to gain feedback on all aspects of the Home. On each of the surveys, Dresden House asks for suggestions to enable the service to consider and continuously improve. The surveys are analysed, and any agreed actions taken. The results of the surveys are added to the monthly newsletter and displayed on the notice board for all to see.

Monthly Food Meeting 

Our Activities coordinator holds a monthly Food Committee meeting with the residents to gain their feedback on the previous month’s menu and take suggestions for the next month’s menu. Any suggestions or comments are fed back to the cooks and management to enable any changes to be made.

Monthly Activity Meetings

Our Activities coordinator will meet with the Residents Activity Committee to gain feedback on the previous month’s activity that took place both internally and externally and gain suggestions for the next month.

Residents and Relatives Committee

Residents and relatives are encouraged to come together to discuss all aspects of the Home and make suggestions. 

All the above meetings are minuted. Every residents / representatives are invited to become members of the above Committees. Please inform a staff member should you wish to join. Alternatively, you can pass on your views and comments to a staff member to be brought up at the next meeting on your behalf. 

Sample of ‘Resident Contract

1.Upon payment the Home undertakes to provide accommodation, food, light, heat, laundry of clothing that is labelled and able to be washed in a standard and commercial washing machine and tumbled dried, domestic services and the agreed individual care according to the residents needs and wishes as determined and agreed by the person-centred care plans. 

2.Any items of clothing that require hand washing or dry cleaning, remains the responsibility of the residents chosen representative. All clothing must be clearly and discreetly labelled with the resident’s name. Dresden House will not accept responsibility for any missing clothing that is not clearly labelled.

3.The Home will endeavour to seek dental, chiropodist and any other medical requirements of the resident, via the NHS. Should the resident wish to see any medical practitioner privately, the cost would need to be met by the resident/representative.

4.The Home shall maintain a high standard of care and adhere to the standards required by the Care Quality Commission and the Registration Authorities.

5.For any compliments, comments, concerns or complaints, the resident and their relative/representative are referred to the Homes procedure within this information and displayed in the communal corridor within the Home. Compliments, comments, concerns or complaints forms are available in the home or requested from a senior staff member or management. Completed forms can be hand delivered to the management or senior care or placed in the suggestion box at the entrance as per the procedure.

6.Residents’ fees are paid 2 weekly in arrears at a pre-set date and amount, in accordance with the assessed category of care, determined by the allocated Social Worker and/or Manager. All fees are subject to changes to reflect the changing needs of the resident and the input from the staff. This applies to all residents whether paying privately or gaining financial support. All fees are paid by standing order or Direct Payment into Dresden House bank account by the representative. For the security of the residents and staff, cash or cheques cannot be accepted as a method of payment within the home

NB For those who initially are self-funding, please be aware that you may become eligible for funding support, once any capital reaches the Government set threshold. Advice can be sought via your local Social Services office or allocated Social Worker

7.In the event of a Court of Protection Order being in place and there are no relatives or representatives available to support the resident with their finances, Dresden House management will assist. However, this option is a last resort once all other options have been exhausted.

8.This contract shall continue in force until termination by death, expiry date noted on the contract, or by either party giving to the other written notice of one full period of two weeks before termination. Should the resident leave without giving notice the same period of payment will be required in lieu. In the event of death, fees are payable for 3 days following the date of the death and continue on a day rate basis, until all personal effects are removed from the resident’s room.

9.The first 6 weeks of admission shall be regarded as a trial period and notice is not applicable by either party

10. The Home may give notice requiring the resident to leave the Home under the following circumstances

a)Having consulted with the resident, relative or representative and other professionals, the Home is no longer able to meet the resident’s needs. Please note that the management and staff have skills and care knowledge. However, Dresden House does not hold the category to provide nursing care nor are the staff medically trained. Should a resident change and command nursing care, the management will support both the resident and their representative in finding alternative accommodation.

b)Late or non-payment of agreed fees (8 weeks after due date).

c)Any circumstances or behaviour which the Home Manager feels may be seriously detrimental to the Home or the welfare of the other resident’s or staff.

11.The resident shall provide the Home with such information to allow the Home to provide the correct level of care and support for the resident.

12.The resident shall from their own resources provide all personal hygiene requirements.

13.Additional service charges for hospital and medical escorts. For all medical appointments, a family member would be encouraged to escort their relative. This enables the family member to discuss treatment and to be a part of the decision-making process.

Emergency admission to the hospital 

If a resident requires an emergency admission into hospital, Dresden House will endeavour to supply a member of the care team to escort. However, this is subject to the availability of the staff and the needs of the remaining residents within Dresden House. Dresden House will contact the resident’s next of kin/representative immediately to confirm that the resident is being admitted to the hospital. There will be no escort charge for the first hour, to allow the next of kin/representative time to plan to join the resident at the hospital and so relieving the staff member to return to Dresden House.

After the initial first hour, the hourly escort charge of £10.00 per hour, pro-rata per 15 mins, will be applied.

The time will be calculated from the staff member leaving Dresden House and will cease upon the return of the staff member to Dresden House. 

Pre-arranged Hospital or Medical Appointments (GP, Dentist, Optician, Chiropodist etc.)

Dresden House will inform the next of kin/representative immediately of the planned hospital or medical appointment to allow time for escort arrangements to be made.If the next of kin/representative is unable to escort the resident to the planned appointment, an hourly charge of £10.00 will apply, pro-rata per 15 mins. The charged time will commence from the time that the staff member leaves Dresden House and cease upon their return. Escorts can only be provided subject to the availability of the staff and the needs of the remaining residents. If the next of kin/representative is unable to attend and Dresden House is unable to provide an escort, the appointment may be rearranged.

In both cases of escort, should the staff member require the use of a taxi to return to Dresden House, or need to pay a car parking fee, this cost will be attributed to the resident / next of kin/representative.

Should hospital or medical escort costs occur, a 30-day payable invoice will be issued, confirming the applied charges. For security reasons, we are unable to accept any form of payment within Dresden House. Direct payment into Dresden House bank account will be required.

14. If assessed of having the mental capacity and following a risk assessment to gain a safe level, the resident may take charge of and dispense their own prescribed medication or homely remedies. If the resident elects to do this and it has been deemed safe to do so, the medication, including any homely remedies must be kept in the lockable cupboard in the resident’s bedroom and the management kept fully informed of the medication name, strength, quantity, and dosage. The management reserves the right to audit the medication, for the safety of the resident.  In the case of self-medicating, Dresden House does not accept responsibility for the misuse of medications that are retained by the resident. 

15. If assessed of having the mental capacity and following a risk assessment to gain a safe level, residents are free to journey alone; however, Dresden House does not accept responsibility for a resident’s safety away from the Home unless the journey and any necessary supervision are arranged by the Home. Residents shall inform the Home that they will be leaving the building and an approx. time of return.

16. The management shall inspect all electrical items and furniture brought into the Home on admission or during occupation, to confirm the safe use. Any identified defects liable to render the article unsafe or unfit, would be disallowed for the safety of the resident and staff. Transportation insurance and eventual removal of such items shall be the resident’s / representative responsibility or that of his or her Executors.

17. Any effects brought into the Home by the resident remain his or her responsibility, however, Dresden House shall take reasonable steps to safeguard resident’s property on the premises. Dresden House does hold insurance for resident’s property and processions, which can be confirmed by the manager if required. The Home prefers not to encourage retention of valuable effects by the resident and strongly advises residents to retain personal insurance for valuables and jewellery for which the Home has no responsibility. Dresden House requires the resident or their representative to declare any personal possessions, which they feel has a value of £300.00 and provide a photograph of such item when brought into Dresden House. The photograph will be held in the resident’s personal file for reference. Any items in excess of £300.00 are not permitted. 

18. Any cash held on behalf of the resident is insured up to the value of £50.00 

19. Residents or their next of kin/representative may be asked to reimburse Dresden House for any wilful damage or loss of any property belonging to Dresden House or other residents. 

20.Pets may be considered at the discretion of the management, based on the type of pet and the needs and preferences of the current resident group residing at Dresden House. In the case that a pet is allowed, the care, welfare, cleaning, all costs and feeding of the pet will remain the responsibility of the resident and/or their representative. Dresden House is not liable or responsible for any care and costs arising from the pet residing at Dresden House.

Compliments, Comments, Concerns and Complaints are welcomed and encouraged to support our aim of continuous improvement.

Any compliments, comments, concerns, or complaints can be made by completing the Compliments, Comments, Concerns or Complaints form. Forms are available next to the suggestion box and can be requested from senior staff or the management. Completed forms can be hand delivered to a senior staff member OR posted for the attention of the management OR emailed to any of the personnel listed in the 'contact'.

Any suggestions that do not require an immediate response, can be placed in the suggestion box in the entrance at Dresden House OR hand delivered OR posted OR emailed. 

All feedback received will be responded to within a maximum of 10 working days. A record will be kept for reference and improvement; this will include details of any investigation and any action taken.